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The Saracen Storm

A novel of the Moorish Invasion of Spain.

It is the close of the 7th century,

some six decades after the death of the prophet Mohammad. After conquering the old Roman colonies in North Africa, the armies of the Umayyad Caliphate cast their eyes north, to the underbelly of Europe. Spain stands in their way.

There a young boy name Pelayo, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Asturias, is taken in by his father after the sudden death of his mother. Shunned as a bastard by the duke's family and court, the boy grows up to become a rebellious youth, his scandalous behavior a source of embarrassment to his father. When he falls in love with Valentina, a baron's daughter and his half-brother's betrothed, the simmering resentment between the two siblings flares into open hostility.

The death of the Spanish monarch unravels old alliances, sparking a fierce competition for the throne. As the country descends into civil war, Musa Ibn Nosseyr, Caliph al-Walid's ambitious governor in Carthage, sees an opportunity to expand the reach of the caliphate into Europe.

Delightful Read

"The writing is excellent, the prose delectable... It makes for an enjoyable read. Pelayo is a sophisticated character and his character arc defines his development in this beautifully written conflict. The action is strong, and the plot ingeniously done to excite the curiosity of the reader. For those who love adventure and a narrative filled with intrigue and suspense, The Saracen Storm will make for a delightful read."

Christian Sia, literary critic for Readers Favorite. 5-Star Review.

A Balanced, Deftly Narrated, and Engaging Read

"The book got me from its opening pages. The author does an impeccable job of exploring the political climate of the times. The characters are grounded in history, each written with enough background to augment the sophistication. It takes a skilfull author to meld elements of fiction with history and J.M. Nunez has that gift. The Saracen Storm is written in beautiful prose and has very strong plot points. this is a historical novel that transports the reader back in time and that brings history alive in one's imagination. A balanced, deftly narrated and engaging read."

Tomual Dzemo, literary critic for Readers Favorite. 5-Star Review

Intense, Action Packed Story!

"This is an intense, action-packed story. The narrative is perfect, the flow simple and powerful. The Saracen Storm will have you hooked from the moment you start reading it."

-Rabia Tanveer, literary critic for Readers Favorite. 5-Star Review.


"An intense, action-packed story that will have you hooked from the moment you start reading it."

- Readers Favorite

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About The Author

​Jose Nunez resides in Montreal, Canada with his wife, Mimi. After a career spent in the airline industry and later as president of a software development company, he turned his hand to freelance writing. A chance sighting of a statue of a warrior called Pelayo in the town of Cangas de Onis, Spain, gave rise to his first novel, The Saracen Storm.


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